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~ Make sure to look through October for pictures from my trip to Italy. This whole working thing is really throwing off my regular-posting groove!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Wedding - My Favorite Shot

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our wedding on this day 5 years ago. It was a beautiful day, and a very blessed marriage.

To my husband - I love you.

Taken by Ellis Roddick, August 2006 - Reception, All Saints' Cathedral, Halifax, NS

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mount Tomah Gardens

This is a type of fuchsia, though I'm still not certain which type. I love it because of its long bell and beautiful colour. I also love fuchsias in general because of 2 very prominent memories.

First and foremost, my grandmother always had at least one basket of fuchsias on her veranda every summer. Even though my memory of Shenstone is waning, I will always remember the fuchsias.

Second would be the almost unending fuchsia hedges in County Cork through to Bantry in Ireland, where Micah and I honeymooned. That trip was extraordinary, and the fuchsias were lovely.

I hope someday to be able to grow fuchsias myself. I know my grandma would love that.

taken May 2010 - Mount Tomah Gardens, Blue Mountains, NSW

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ely Cathedral

On a lovely grey day, Micah and I decided to catch the train and head North to Ely. Our thought - Why not? As we travel across the Fens, a mound appears... a mound with a huge church build on top. This beacon called us off the train and up the slope to the grounds of Ely Cathedral.

This is probably one of the best Medieval cathedral in England. It was also the church Micah and I went for the Easter vigil in 2007. I have never experience a more amazing experience than this Saturday evening service. Lighting the fire outside the West door (outside the front side of the church, just in front of the facade above) we all were given candles light from the fire. Once that was done, we walked into the church with the red setting sun casting golden-red light on down the central isle. I have never seen such a beautiful symbol. The light being brought into the church just as the sun set.

We are the light of the world. His spirit is with us. Amen.

Taken January 2007 - Ely Cathedral, Ely, England

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Genoa - Columbus' Gate

Can I have one? Just one... I don't need both. Oh, I will probably need a couple of plebs to man the tower as well... *sigh. Life is hard when it comes to gate keeping eh?

One of the stones that had been laid into the wall showed the date to be 1292. Yup, that's one old gate. It has since been renamed for one of the more famous Genoeese - Christopher Columbus. What's a couple hundred years of just being called the gate got to do for naming precedence anyways?

taken June 2010 - City gate built in the 12c, renamed in honour of Columbus, Genoa

Friday, March 25, 2011

Genoa - Lovely Lady

Part of what I understand the place and purpose of the Saints are within the Christian tradition is this: they are people to look up to and admire as being someone we can relate to. With this in mind, this is probably the first image of St Mary that I really feel a connection to. She's got puffy round cheeks like mine and I could totally do my hair like that. I've always had a curious respect for the Virgin, though I would hardly call myself Marian.

Wikipedia link to the Church of S Peitro di Banchi in Italian or English
Wikipedia link to Mary (mother of Jesus) here
Feast of the Annunciation - 25 Mar

taken June 2010 - Church of S Peitro di Banchi, Genoa